Monday, December 18, 2006

My comments on The Luthern Church - Missouri Synod's take on 1 Co 7:15

In a previous post the LC-MS position on the choices an abandoned believing spouse (1 Co 7:15) can take was mentioned:

". A spouse who has been willfully and definitively abandoned by his or her partner who
refuses to be reconciled and is unwilling to fulfill the obligations of the marriage
covenant despite persistent persuasion may seek a legal divorce, which in such a case
constitutes a public recognition of a marriage already broken, and remarry."

This is one step beyond what I would feel comfortable with. I think that the unbelieving spouse should file and pursue the civil divorce for the believer to remain righteous. Other than that I find the LC-MS position on divorce and remarriage to be very similar to what I've been posting on in the past few weeks.

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