Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Math Is Harder for Girls . . . and also, it seems, for the New York Times.

Heather MacDonald blogs on that Science study touting average scores for girls and boys on the whole being equal.

The New York Times is determined to show that women are discriminated against in the sciences; too bad the facts say otherwise. A new study has “found that girls perform as well as boys on standardized math tests,” claims a July 25 article by Tamar Lewin—thus, the underrepresentation of women on science faculties must result from bias. Actually, the study, summarized in the July 25 issue of Science, shows something quite different: while boys’ and girls’ average scores are similar, boys outnumber girls among students in both the highest and the lowest score ranges. Either the Times is deliberately concealing the results of the study or its reporter cannot understand the most basic science reporting...................[more]

A NY Times blogger also differed with Lewin.

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