Monday, July 14, 2008

Federal Student Aid Default Rates by Universities

With the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac crises in mind what about the Federal Student Aid program? Here's a database.

Note added at 5:00 pm:

From Inside Higher Ed:

.......Why does all of this matter? Because the rapid expansion of student debt, combined with the soft-pedaling of debt’s true meaning, has served to forestall higher education’s inevitable day of reckoning when it comes to price. While a few massively wealthy institutions have recently taken steps to reduce borrowing at the margins for the middle- and upper-middle class, constantly rising prices and debt to match remain the norm elsewhere

There are two main culprits here. Traditional colleges and universities, protected from competition by regulatory barriers and buoyed by public subsidies and rising demand, have managed to avoid most of the difficult choices inherent to becoming more efficient and restraining price........

Sounds like the housing bubble?

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