Friday, May 11, 2007

Swedish Teens Ignorant of Communism

From a Swedish newspaper,

....Of the 1004 young Swedes involved in the nationwide poll, 43 percent believed that communist regimes had claimed less than one million lives. A fifth of those surveyed put the death toll at under ten thousand. The actual figure is estimated at around 100 million.

The poll also found that 40 percent of young Swedes believed that communism contributed to increased prosperity in the world; 22 percent considered communism a democratic form of government; 82 percent did not regard Belarus as a dictatorship....[Read More]

Americans aren't the only ones ignorant of world history and perspective. We in the free western world can be ignorant with no consequences. Worse still, if we are informed it may make demands of conscience, so many of us prefer to be ignorant and dismissive of such monstrosities.

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