Saturday, May 26, 2007

Looking for a cheap McMansion?

McMansions are this generation's equivalent to the big-finned car. 5000 or more sq ft for a family of four. Architecturally uu-ugly yet an auspicious display of wealth. My brother lives in one outside of Philly. I can get lost in the thing for days. He's good natured about the ribbing I give him about it.

Are they on they way out? From a recent article:

"Meaning the inventory of McMansions is likely to grow. And grow. And grow. Could we one day see a landscape with large white elephants lingering on the market?

"I find it difficult to see how we won't," Lawler says."

McMansions are despised by elites but it's interesting to note that the last Gilded Age produced their own form of the McMansion which were considered uu-ugly in their day. In the small town I grew up in the the 1960's they were tearing down the old Victorians. These houses are now considered beautiful landmarks.

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