Sunday, May 06, 2007

The State-Run Lottery as a Tax on the Poor

State lotteries are touted as pain free of raising revenue, or is it? The following links strongly suggest otherwise:

Mises Institute
Common (North Carolina)
Journal Times (Wisconsin)
Christian Science Monitor
South Coast Times (Massachusetts) $20 tickets!
Religion Online
Finally consider from this blog, Orge's Politics and Views:

In 1999 Duke University studied who played the lottery in various states. It found this correlation between education and lottery spending:

EducationAverage $ Spent
per year on Lottery
High School Dropouts$700
High School Graduates$409
Some College$210
College Graduates$178

In addition, a full Eighty-Two percent of all sales from lottery tickets were sold to problem gamblers, as defined as those who spend $1,619 a year or more.

A collection of libertarian, liberal, conservative and Christian views all converge on the fact that state lotteries are a tax on the poor. So why is it tolerated?

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