Friday, January 23, 2009

Snopes on what Democrats were saying about Iraqi WMD's

I got into a discussion with a Steve Sailor reader at one of the blog comment forums. Basically he was offering 20/20 hindsight, arm chair quarterbacking insights on W's Iraq invasion. Ignoring WMD's the invasion was morally justifiable based solely the numbers of Iraqi civilians were killing during the 1991-2003 sanctions period. Wikipedia has a good article on this. With W's invasion the sanctions are gone and the killing for the most part has stopped. The blog commenter went on to say that we should have just lifted the sanctions altogether ignoring Saddam Hussein's behavior. How possible was that? Check out the comments made by prominent Democrats, pre-invasion at Snopes.


Andrea Murrhteyn said...

Hey Frank,

Been missing you lately -- you been so quiet!!

As for your perspective above; I imagine lifting those sanctions would not have been something the Democrats would have supported at all!

'Peace Movement' got -- in my, and ol Homer Lea's opnion -- a rather massive significant BLIND SPOT, for some I imagine they just dumb and incapable of putting 2 plus 2 together; but for those who know -- their pretend 'Peace Movement' is nothing but a massive CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE AND HYPOCRISY on the root causes of war, resource wars, terrorism etc.

I mean these people don't even attempt to apply a bandaid to a braintumour; they are the kind of Peace Doctors that offer their braintumour patients (blind obedient dummysuckers) imaginary jellybeans!

Anyway, I imagine time shall reveal how much many of the 'peace and love brigade' who hated GW underestimated him; and were blinded by their passive aggressive and repressed hate.

I miss him, Laura, Barney and Beazly already! Hope they having a good time in grand ol TX!

Nice of Idaho to send a cyber smoke signal, now and then!


Frank said...


Thanks, I've been busy of late. I'll try posting more next week.

Andrea Murrhteyn said...

Moron Monotooth! ;-)

Don't you dare go into 'obligation mode script' -- certainly not on my behalf!


For clarity: I was just letting you know that I had noticed that you hadn't been posting allot; ol Moscow, ID got a little special place in this white trash 'heart'! ;-)

But, do me a favour, do not go out and feel obliged to post anything, which I don't imagine you will (I imagine you are just pulling my Jap Homer leg!)

And should you desire a Written Reason: I got this theory that I call Cursed Karmic Load of Obligation. Interesting, article I read today at Tony Leon's blog, called The Power of Addiction and the Addiction to Power, provided an added perspective thereto.

Obama for example: He spent a huge amount of effort to court a large following, of people who haven't a clue what he really stands for, as a result of his intended vagueness about who he is (attempts to be all things to as many people as possible); he managed to get their support to become President; but he knows he lied, he knows his life is a lie. He sold his soul, for the fake 'love' and 'admiration' of billions of people who love his 'image' (not his real identity, if he has a core identity); and he knows that their 'love' is anything but built on a rock; their love is the love of People magazine, of people who 'love' you while you are popular; of people who are your friends when it costs them nothing....

I'd rather be really loved to my core, by one person who could see me totally emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and physically naked, all my faults etc.; and refuse to disavow knowing me; by one person only on this planet (even if that one solitary person was myself); than to be loved by hundreds, thousands or millions, and it's all fake; it's all about loving an image I projected that is untrue, that is nothing but a LIE.

So, for your sake, and mine, I ain't about to load any bad karma onto you and me, pretending BS, and don't expect you to follow a script either.

I imagine these 'Doylism' ideas will find resonance: Honour in Gambling:

“I've known a man to walk through four miles of blizzard after his car stalled just to pay a debt on time. I've seen gamblers go hungry to honor a bet even though no pressure was placed on them.

“I shy away from legal contracts. If I can't trust a man's word, then I don't want to do business with him.....

“I told him, "You've got a deal if you want it. If my handshake's good enough for you, then your word's good enough for me.".....

“I handed him the full $1000, of course. It was simply a matter of honour. In my mind there has never been a law, a receipt or a legal document ever written that is worth half as much as a gambler's word.”