Friday, June 15, 2007

Is Hispanic the New Black?

John Derbyshire wrote a web-only article on the immigration bill thought dead by the time this piece was written. An excerpt:
  • Is Hispanic the New Black? Linda’s piece did, though, at least bring the r-word into the discussion. In some offline conversations I’ve been having, and on some websites I’ll leave you to search out by yourself, the opinion has been expressed that some portion of America’s white elites welcome Hispanic immigration as a way of sticking it to American blacks. That portion, it is suggested, would prefer to have its lawns mowed by small, polite, brown people, rather than large, surly black ones, even if the price is the same in both cases.
This is an observation my own mother expressed. She thinks that along with others up the economic ladder that bringing in hard-working Hispanics will set an example to the blacks. Dear mother, the blacks couldn't care less about the example of hard-working Hispanics. The American black problem will remain and endure this current wave of immigration.

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