Monday, April 23, 2007

The Bio-friendly Universe

The Bio-friendly Universe

An interesting take by Paul Davies of Arizona State University.

"Once you’ve got that linkage, you have the basis for the universe being able to engineer its own bio-friendliness through this sort of quantum feedback."

But why does the universe engineer its own bio-friendliness?

"Some people have suggested that. They have suggested that cosmic bio-friendliess is precisely due to some super-intelligence that went back in time and fixed up their own power, or something like that. Or that a super-intelligence in another universe created this universe with bio-friendly parameters. All of those things have been tried – all wildly conjectural, of course. But what I find lacking in all of those theories, including the more conventional intelligent-design argument, is that they appeal to something outside the universe that has to be accepted as given and cannot be proved. I’d like to try to explain as much of the universe, including its bio-friendly laws of physics, from within the universe – and in a way that doesn’t appeal to something outside of it."

Paul Davies is of the mindset that is biased against ID because it invokes a higher power. This is a flaw in logic as nothing in the scientific method demands that we as scientists must discount such possibility. The modern scientific mind is replete with such notions.

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